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Can Breast Augmentation Give You the Cleavage You Want?

Posted on March 9, 2020

Cheerful woman at her computer.Many women choosing breast augmentation are looking for larger breasts. However, size is not always the main reason for breast augmentation. Some clients are simply looking to improve their cleavage.

People believe that larger implants will automatically deliver the lines and lift they desire. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Factors such as body structure, implant profile and placement affect how breast implants can give you cleavage.

Your Body Structure Plays a Role

When meeting with a breast augmentation surgeon, they will evaluate your body structure, including your chest wall and current nipple placement. When looking to improve cleavage, they must evaluate the width of your sternum (breastbone), the shape of your chest wall and where your nipples naturally sit.

For example, if your breasts sit farther apart, creating the cleavage you desire can be more of a challenge. It is important to have realistic expectations.

Discussing breast implant profiles with your surgeon is essential when you are looking to improve your cleavage with breast augmentation.

Focus on the Breast Implant Profile

Many women think of breast augmentation and implants in terms of size or volume. While these measurements do make a difference, when it comes to cleavage, an implant profile can mean a lot more. For example, two breast implants with the same volume but different shapes can create significantly different results in terms of cleavage.

One implant may be narrow and project out from the body and, on a woman with a broad chest, this is unlikely to create the desired look. In this case, a broader, lower projection implant would work better.

Consider Breast Implant Placement

Breast implant placement plays a big role in terms of augmentation cleavage. In women with naturally wider breast placement, implants may need to be closer to the midline of the chest to achieve the desired cleavage. Unfortunately, natural nipple placement can make this more difficult.

Moving implants more central on the chest wall can interfere with nipple alignment, leaving them projecting outward instead of forward. For many women, this gives an unnatural look and is not recommended.

In addition, in terms of cleavage, implant placement under the pectoralis muscle instead of above can help reduce the risk of outward shifting and improve cleavage.

For more information and to learn how breast augmentation can help improve your cleavage, contact Dr. Scot Martin today.


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Can Breast Augmentation Give You the Cleavage You Want?
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Can Breast Augmentation Give You the Cleavage You Want?
Can breast implants give you cleavage? Las Cruces, NM plastic surgeon Dr. Scot Martin explains which factors affect cleavage with breast augmentation.
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