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Breast Augmentation

The great majority of Dr. Martin’s practice is focused on cosmetic surgery of the breast, and in particular, breast augmentation. Dr. Martin has performed over 4,000 breast augmentations for women all over the country. When it comes to experience, Dr. Martin and his staff have you covered.

Dr. Martin uses a time-tested system for helping women choose the right size implant that is placed in the correct position. At your initial consultation, he will go over what he thinks will best create a more proportional and balanced appearance.

Please contact us online or call 575-521-7111 to schedule a visit to our cosmetic surgery office in Las Cruces, serving El Paso and all of Southern New Mexico. Dr. Martin and his staff are committed to helping you achieve an enhanced new look through breast augmentation.


Breast augmentation can be an excellent option for women who want:

  • Fuller Breasts with Better Shape
  • Improved Breast Symmetry
  • A More Balanced Appearance
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Good Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can help women who want fuller breasts and can also create a more proportional, balanced appearance. Dr. Martin is a breast augmentation leader whose skill and knowledge of breast implant techniques have helped him achieve beautiful breast enlargement results for hundreds of women.

Good candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for their breast augmentation procedure. This will increase your chances of achieving results you’ll love.

Breast Implant Options: Saline vs. Silicone

Most women these days prefer silicone implants, simply because they have a more natural look and feel and because they are lighter as opposed to saline implants. Approximately 90% of Dr. Martin’s breast augmentation patients now choose silicone breast implants. Visit our saline vs. silicone implants to learn more about your breast implant options.

October 2018 infographic from Dr. Scot Martin

How Long Does a Breast Augmentation Take?

The procedure itself is scheduled for an hour, but in most cases, the actual surgery time is about 30 minutes. You are required to be at the surgery center an hour prior to the surgery and you can expect an hour of recovery after surgery. Plan to be at the outpatient surgery center for a total of approximately 3 hours.

Recovery & Results

After your surgery, you’ll likely experience some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort. Dr. Martin will wrap the breast area in bandages and have you wear a compression garment. These should help keep your new implants in place and reduce swelling and discomfort.

Expect the initial breast augmentation recovery period to be about 3 to 4 days after surgery. You should be ready to return to work after this, though you may need longer if your work requires a lot of physical exertion. After the first week, light activity is good. In about 3 weeks you can get back to your normal activities, including more strenuous work and exercise.

You will start to see how your breasts are going to look like immediately after surgery. One thing that is obvious though is that your breast implants will sit high in relation to your breasts. This is completely normal and expected. The reason this happens is that Dr. Martin places your implants in the sub-pectoral position (under the muscle).

This temporary effect can easily be “hidden” in your sports bra while your breasts heal. Give your breast implants time to “drop and fluff.” Once they do, they should settle into a more natural position.

Scot A Martin, MD


Dr. Martin is devoted to providing
outstanding patient care along with
highly personalized results.

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More About Breast Augmentation

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Cost is a major factor for many women considering breast augmentation, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only one to consider. More importantly, you need to feel comfortable with the surgeon you select and feel confident that you will achieve the look that you really want.

The cost of a breast augmentation procedure varies depending on the implant chosen. Here at Martin Plastic Surgery, we have tried to keep the cost to our patients as low as possible, and we provide a customized quote for each patient based upon their needs and implant choice.

The average cost for the entire procedure using silicone implants $5500.00. The only additional out of pocket expense would be for your post-operative prescriptions, which cost approximately $100 ( if you don’t have insurance).

It is important to note that the price quoted at your initial consultation includes all fees for Dr. Martin, the surgical center and anesthesia. All appointments, including pre-op, post-op and follow-ups, are covered as well. In addition, Martin Plastic Surgery will also fit you with a sports bra immediately after your procedure so there is no need to find or purchase one prior to your breast augmentation.

We encourage you to learn more about breast augmentation pricing and the various fees that are part of this procedure.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used?

General anesthesia is administered so that you can sleep comfortably through your breast augmentation procedure. Paul Baker is our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) that we use exclusively here at Martin Plastic Surgery.

He has over 25 years of experience and as our staff likes to say… “He will watch over you like you’re family!”  He truly does an exceptional job of making sure patients are comfortable before and most importantly after your procedure.

What Is the Keller Funnel?

The Keller Funnel is a device that was developed to eliminate the amount of contact between the patient’s skin and the implant as it is placed. The goal is to limit bacterial exchange from the patient’s skin to the implant prior to insertion. This reduces the chance of infection. The shape of the funnel also reduces the amount of force necessary to insert the breast implant into the pocket.

What Type of Incision Is Used?

Dr. Martin’s preferred incision site is in the inframammary crease, but he will take into consideration which site is best for you during your consultation.

What Type of Sutures Will Be Used?

Dr. Martin uses three layers of dissolvable sutures that are placed under the skin. You will never have to have sutures cared for or removed. Post-operatively the only “bandage” you will have is a small piece of surgical tape that is placed over your incision and a sports bra. That’s it!

Is Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

All of our patients have their own unique reasons as to why they’ve decided to have breast augmentation. There are a variety of reasons women seek breast augmentation including wanting to increase breast size due to having smaller breasts or wanting to restore breast volume after having children or gaining and losing weight.

To help you better decide whether or not breast augmentation is right for you, you should consider your own reasons and do your research on the benefits and limitations of breast augmentation surgery. We offer patient resources like our breast augmentation FAQs page to help you get started.

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