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Zoom Inspires an Increase in Ear Pinning Surgery, Too

Posted on April 8, 2022

Ear Pinning Surgery for Zoom - Pugao - April 2022If you are like most of us, you were told back in high school that while most of your growth ends with puberty, your ears and nose just keep getting bigger your whole life. While this is a disputed claim, there is a reason this idea spread so widely: people are self-conscious about their ears and nose. Especially ears that stick out.

Surgery for this has long existed. But now, it is among the current plastic surgery trends. So, how did ear pinning suddenly become a hot surgery?

Thanks, COVID

Yeah, chalk this up to another unexpected side effect of the pandemic. In the last two years, people have been focusing a lot on their ears. First, this was due to the way masks highlighted them, suddenly making bigger ears and ears that stick out really obvious.

Then came the concerns about how ill-fitting masks are impacting the ears. In fact, a lot of people think that their ears have permanently become more prominent specifically due to all that mask wear. Is this true? It’s pretty debatable.

Finally, Zoom happened. With video conferencing all day while working from home came people noticing all these features they never thought about before, including their ears. But whether ears are actually changing or our heightened awareness just makes us think they are, people are now seeking the benefits of otoplasty in greater numbers.

Should You Get Your Ears Pinned?

If they are bothering you, yes! In fact, ear pinning is a quick and easy procedure that can easily be tacked on to other facial plastic surgeries, like brow and neck lifts. So, if you are considering getting a little something done, you might as well add it on.

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Zoom Inspires an Increase in Ear Pinning Surgery, Too
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Zoom Inspires an Increase in Ear Pinning Surgery, Too
What’s a recent plastic surgery trend? Surgery for ears that stick out. Dr. Reo Pugao at Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces explains.
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