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When Can You Start Walking and Exercising after a Tummy Tuck?

Posted on November 15, 2021

Slim woman isolated on white backgroundAfter your tummy tuck, chances are you will be sore and moving a little slow. However, moving around is necessary to help promote good recovery and chances are you will be eager to get back to walking and exercising so you can show off and help maintain your slimmer and toned tummy.

While you don’t want to jump into walking after a tummy tuck, it is important to start moving and gradually working into your regular exercise routine so you can help maintain your new look. 

Short Periods of Walking Are Good for Recovery

Always listen to your body when starting to exercise after your tummy tuck. If you begin to feel discomfort, stop and rest. Allow your body to recover.

During the first week after your tummy tuck you want to focus on giving your body time to rest and recover. The only walking you should do during this week occurs when you get out of bed every two hours or so, and this walking is usually with some assistance as movement may still be a bit painful. By the second week, you should be able to walk two times a day for about 10 to 15 minutes. You still want to avoid any strenuous activity and prolonged standing while you continue to heal.

Longer Walks and Gentle Exercise

Between weeks three and six of tummy tuck recovery, you can slowly increase the duration of your walks, as well as adding other exercise options such as a stationary bike. It is important that you work into an exercise routine gradually and do not do anything that puts a strain on the abdominal muscles. During this time, you can gradually increase your exercise level up to 75% of your pre-surgery exercise routine. 

Routine and Aerobic Exercise

Once you reach the six-week mark and have received the okay from your surgeon, you should be able to resume regular exercise. However, avoid exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, or other exercises that target the abdominal muscles until at least 12 weeks post-tummy tuck. 

Establishing a regular workout routine after your tummy tuck recovery is the best way to stay fit and maintain your slim and toned tummy. If you have any concerns about your tummy tuck recovery or exercising after a tummy tuck, Dr. Scot Martin is here to answer your questions. Contact him online or call (575) 521-7111 today.


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When Can You Start Walking and Exercising after a Tummy Tuck?
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When Can You Start Walking and Exercising after a Tummy Tuck?
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