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What’s the Deal with Cup Size & CCs for Breast Implants?

Posted on February 10, 2021

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You have been unhappy with your breast size for years and have finally decided to consider breast augmentation. You have an ideal cup size in mind, but what is all this talk about CCs and what does it mean when choosing an implant.

What is the difference between cup size vs. CC and what does it mean when choosing your breast implants?

What Are CCs and What Is Their Connection to Cup Size?

Unfortunately, cup sizes are far from uniform.

The term CC stands for cubic centimeters, and surgeons use it to determine breast volume. This creates a more uniform method of measurement than cup size. How many times have you tried on a new bra in your normal size only to find it fits too small or way too big? 

But how do CCs translate to cup size? A 2017 implant volume study compared breast implant volume to commercially available bras. What they found was that the volume needed to increase a cup size depended on your band width. On average, those with smaller bands require 130 CC to go up one cup size, while those with larger band widths required 150 CC. 

Use the Rice Test at Home to Measure CCs to Cup Size

If you want to experiment with CC and cup size at home, the rice test is a simple way to see how different implants can change your cup size. Find a bra with your goal cup size and put it on. Fill two sandwich bags with rice until they provide the breast fullness you desire and fill out your bra. When you are happy with the fullness, empty one bag into a measuring cup and then convert the measurement to CCs. For example, ½ cup of rice is equal to 118 CC.

Keep in mind that when you meet with a surgeon, they will also take into account your body size, natural breast placement and the amount of breast tissue you have when determining which implant size is best for you. To learn more about breast augmentation surgery, implants and what size will help you achieve your goals, contact Dr. Scot Martin online or call our office at 575-521-7111.


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What’s the Deal with Cup Size & CCs for Breast Implants?
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What’s the Deal with Cup Size & CCs for Breast Implants?
What is the connection between cup size and CCs with breast implants? Dr. Scot Martin from New Mexico explains how breast implant volume changes cup size
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