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Breast Augmentation & Lift Patient Photo - Case 29 - before view-
Breast Augmentation & Lift Patient Photo - Case 29 - after view
Case #29

This 24 year old patient is from the El Paso area that came to Las Cruces to see Dr. Martin. She is about 5'4 and weighs around 140lbs. Her main concerns were her sagging or ptotic breasts.  In addition, Dr. Martin noticed a fair amount of asymmetry between the breasts. Specifically, her right breast was quite a bit wider than the left.  In the operating room, Dr. Martin performed a standard mastopexy (breast lift) contouring the breast to match as well as a simultaneous breast enhancement using silicone gel implants placed under the muscle.  These are her before and after pictures of her Bilateral Breast Lift and Bilateral Breast Augmentation using 400cc High Profile Silicone Gel Implants.  No drains on constricting bandages were used after her procedure.  The patient is very happy with her new look and her scars are continuing to fade nicely.  

Surgeon: Dr. Scot A. Martin

*Actual patients shown before and after surgery. Your results may vary. Photos are for education only and are not meant as a guarantee of results.

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