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If You Get the Lipo & Skip the Tummy Tuck, Will You Regret It?

Posted on January 18, 2021

Dr. Scot Martin - Liposuction Tummy TuckYou have spent the last year following a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. While you have reached your ideal weight, you still have some pockets of stubborn fat around your midsection. You know that liposuction targets fat cells, but your friend is saying maybe you should consider a tummy tuck too.

If you get lipo without a tummy tuck, will you achieve the goal you want? How do liposuction and tummy tucks compare, and do you really need both?

What Liposuction Targets

If you do not meet the lipo criteria, chances are you want to consider adding a tummy tuck.

Liposuction is a procedure that targets areas of stubborn body fat. By removing these pockets of fat cells, liposuction allows you to reduce your waistline and achieve the body contours you desire. The best candidates for liposuction without a tummy tuck are those that are within 20 pounds of their ideal body weight.

A good candidate will not have a history of extreme weight loss or previous pregnancies. For lipo only, you should have abdominal skin with good elasticity and a flat abdominal wall. This allows the abdomen to bounce back to shape when lipo removes the excess fat.

When You Need to Add That Tummy Tuck

If you have had children or experienced extreme weight loss, chances are your abdominal wall and the skin on your tummy have become permanently stretched. Unfortunately, lipo cannot address these issues, and having lipo alone could contribute to additional sagging skin. If this is the case, you will likely want to add a tummy tuck, which will remove the excess skin and tighten up your abdominal muscles.

If you would like to know more about liposuction vs. tummy tucks, contact Dr. Martin online or call the office at 575-521-7111 today. We look forward to helping you achieve your body contouring goals.

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If You Get the Lipo & Skip the Tummy Tuck, Will You Regret It?
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If You Get the Lipo & Skip the Tummy Tuck, Will You Regret It?
Dr. Scot Martin of New Mexico explains the difference between liposuction and tummy tucks and when liposuction alone may be enough to achieve your body contouring goals.
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