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How Today’s Facelift Has Gotten Even Better with Age

Posted on September 9, 2021

Mature woman in thoughts on couchThe facelift has long been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. However, it hasn’t always been seen in the most positive light. While much of that bad reputation comes from celebrities who went overboard, the truth is that older methods did create a more “windblown” look than a youthful one.

However, a lot has changed in medicine in recent years, and some of those advancements have gone into perfecting the facelift. Here are a few ways the modern facelift is better than those of yesteryear.

Vertical Lifting

Facelifts are meant to combat gravity, and gravity pulls your skin downward. However, older facelifts would pull the skin back towards the sides, and to the top of the head. While those techniques created skin that looked tight over the bones and muscles, the modern approach looks more naturally youthful.

Added Volume

When facial skin sags, it usually is due to a combination of gravity and loss of volume. Since we lose collagen and fat as we age, adding volume can help reverse these effects. Most surgeons will combine a facelift with fillers or even cheek and chin implants depending on the type of facelift.

Less Invasive

Like many other surgeries, facelifts can now be performed with fewer incisions, and those that are used are smaller. This makes it easier to hide them and allows for a nicer recovery period. Most people recover from modern facelifts faster than those of the past.

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How Today’s Facelift Has Gotten Even Better with Age
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How Today’s Facelift Has Gotten Even Better with Age
How is the modern facelift different from those of the past? Dr. Reo Pugao at Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces offers his detailed comparison.
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