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How to Stop Forehead Wrinkles in Their Tracks

Posted on December 22, 2021

Botox - Dr Reo Pugao - Dec2021When we age, our forehead wrinkles are one of the first things to show how old we are. When you see a person with deep lines on their brow, it can be hard to determine how old they really are.

Although there is no way to stop aging altogether, there are some steps that you can take in order to minimize the appearance of your forehead wrinkles and keep them from getting worse!

How to Avoid Forehead Wrinkles

First, you should start using sunscreen every day. Although some sun exposure is healthy for your body and skin cells, too much can cause free radical damage that speeds up the aging process. When you use sunscreen on your face or forearms each morning before going outside, it helps to protect these parts of your skin from getting damaged by ultraviolet light.

While you cannot prevent all forehead wrinkles, there are steps you can take to minimize them.

Another way to avoid forehead wrinkles is to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep. One of the main causes of how to get rid of forehead wrinkles is lack of moisture in your body, which can cause dehydration and dryness that leads to fine lines on your face. Try applying some moisturizer before going to bed every night so that when you wake up, it can help all of your skin cells stay hydrated and plump. 

Treatments for Forehead Wrinkles

One option for forehead wrinkle treatment is BOTOX. This product is safe to use on the face and helps reduce forehead wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing certain facial muscles. Although you can’t treat every wrinkle with this treatment, it works great for treating larger areas of your skin that are wrinkled or have more pronounced lines. 

Another option is injectable fillers, which work by adding more volume to your skin. These fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid, which is a compound that naturally works as a moisturizer and helps prevent forehead wrinkles. 

Both of these procedures can take years off your look by removing how to get rid of forehead wrinkles before they become more prominent. The best part is that they’re both relatively low risk and can be done in under an hour. For more information or to schedule your appointment, contact us today. Schedule your consultation by calling us at 575-521-7111 or reaching out through our contact page.

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How to Stop Forehead Wrinkles in Their Tracks
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How to Stop Forehead Wrinkles in Their Tracks
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