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How to Feel More Comfortable after Eyelid Surgery

Posted on December 29, 2020

Short blond-haired woman reading a book on a gray couch.Easily, the most worrisome part of any surgery for patients is the recovery period. You need to arrange for help, set up your home for your comfort and gear up for the post-surgery period. All of this can feel overwhelming.

However, if you head into recovery with the right mindset and a few key eyelid surgery recovery tips in mind, the process should be fairly smooth.

  1. Keep Your Head Elevated

    Swelling is a natural part of the post-surgery period, but it isn’t ideal. Too much swelling can slow your healing and make you feel very uncomfortable. To minimize this, keep your head elevated above the rest of your body, even when sleeping.

  2. Let Your Eyes Rest

    Even when sleeping, your head needs to be elevated. A wedge pillow can make this easier to accomplish.

    This means you should avoid screen time as much as possible, avoid playing sports and skip wearing makeup and contact lenses. Your eyes need time to rest and heal.
  3. Shield Your Eyes

    If you can, stay home and stick to dim lighting. However, at some point you will likely need to leave your house. When you do, wear large sunglasses that protect you from light and glare and help keep particles out of your eyes.

  4. Don’t Push Yourself

    Recovery cannot be rushed. While it may be difficult, and even boring, it is critical that you don’t push yourself to get back to normal before you are ready. When you do, you risk injuries that can set back your progress, and in some cases, harm the results of your surgery.

To learn more about eyelid surgery recovery and what to expect, speak with Dr. Pugao. Call our Las Cruces office today at 575-521-7111 or use the contact page.

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How to Feel More Comfortable after Eyelid Surgery
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How to Feel More Comfortable after Eyelid Surgery
Recovering from surgery is often uncomfortable. Dr. Reo Pugao of Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces offers eyelid surgery recovery tips to help.
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