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How Big Is Too Big for Breast Implants?

Posted on October 8, 2020

Breast implants how big is too big concept. Woman wearing a gray sweatshirt pushing her hair back.When it comes to picking your breast implant size, you want to get it right. Go too small and the results won’t offer the “oomph” you were seeking. Go too big and you can feel more clownish than sexy.

And while revision is always an option, it is better the get it right the first time.

So, with breast implants, how big is too big, and how can you be sure you are making the right choices?

Understanding Breast Implant Sizing

There is a lot that goes into the sizing of breast implants, and it isn’t as simple as selecting an ideal cup size.

Breast implant sizes are discussed in terms of volume, measured in ccs. When women come in seeking breast augmentation, they tend to frame their goals in terms of what cup size they want. A woman who is currently a small B, wants a full D, or a woman who is currently an A cup would like to be a moderate C. But ccs do not directly correspond to cup sizes. This is because the shape and projection determine how the volume sits against the chest, which also impacts cup size.

Factors to Keep in Mind

What is too big on one woman may be too small on another. There is no universal answer to how big is too big, aside from keeping your breast surgery safe and in line with your aesthetic goals. But certain factors can help you determine what is the correct size range for you. These include:

  • Physical activities you enjoy and how larger implants might hinder them.
  • Any shoulder or back pain you currently have.
  • Your height.
  • Your weight.
  • How broad your shoulders are.
  • Your general bone structure.

Dr. Martin may offer you sizers to try on, helping you get a better idea of how your breast implants will look. You can also use the rice test to try on different sizes in the comfort of your own home. Between your experimentation and Dr. Martin’s guidance, you should be able to settle on the right size for you.

Are you ready to talk to a plastic surgeon about your breast augmentation goals? Then schedule your consultation with Dr. Scot Martin. Call us at 575-521-7111 or head over to our contact page.

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How Big Is Too Big for Breast Implants?
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How Big Is Too Big for Breast Implants?
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