Enjoying a Faster Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Posted on December 23, 2015

153629039In the past, cosmetic surgery led to a longer period of recovery, and women and men would find themselves having to take a significant amount of time off from work. Now, with advancements in cosmetic medicine, along with taking good care of oneself, the time it takes to recover from a breast augmentation, for example, is dramatically reduced. In fact, most women are back to work in less than a week following their breast augmentation procedure.

A few ways you can achieve your best look without spending weeks lying in bed include:

Immediately after Your Procedure

Have a friend or family member take care of you after surgery, since you will not be able to care for yourself like you normally would. If they can help you prepare for the recovery process before your procedure, even better. This may include grocery shopping, cleaning the home, and other things that may be difficult to do immediately following your procedure.

Rest and Self Care

It is critical to follow the instructions your surgeon gave you. Resting is paramount to your body healing and achieving your desired look. Just because you may be feeling better does not warrant going against your surgeon’s guidance on post-procedure care. Doing the suggested exercises given to you by your surgeon will help speed up your recovery.

Attention to Changes

Being hyper-aware of your body is important, and having a base understanding of how you typically feel before your procedure is very helpful when it comes time for the recovery process. Identifying any changes you may see or feel early on can lead to your surgeon making the necessary adjustments to ensure you are healing properly and timely.

Understanding Everyone Is Different

Every woman is different, and heals at her own pace. Just because a friend had a similar procedure and was back to work within 5 days does not mean that your journey will be exactly the same. Set realistic expectations with your surgeon and plan accordingly.

Enjoying a Faster Recovery after Breast Augmentation
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Enjoying a Faster Recovery after Breast Augmentation
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scot Martin of Las Cruces, New Mexico, provides tips on how to enjoy a fast recovery time post-breast augmentation.
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Martin Plastic Surgery
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