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Do You Need a Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery for Saggy Eyelids?

Posted on February 3, 2021

Pugao - Browlift Eye Lift - Jan 2021As we age, our eyes become tired looking due to lines and sagging. Lifting and opening up the eyes can help them appear more youthful and awake.

Both eyelid surgery and brow lifts can be effective treatments for saggy eye skin. The question is, which is right for you.

Eyelid Surgery or Brow Lift?

Both eyelid surgery and brow lifts can make you look younger. Which is right for you will depend on what concerns you have.

Upper blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift, targets the upper eyelid. It can lift the lids, address puffiness and eliminate some fine lines and wrinkles. The incisions are made along the natural creases of the eyelid, allowing them to be easily concealed. With this procedure, skin and muscles can be tightened and fat deposits removed.

A brow lift targets the forehead and eyebrows. Through this procedure, heavy eyebrows can be addressed, as well as frown lines and other wrinkles. As a result of the lift, the skin around the eyes can also be smoothed out to a degree.

Which Is Right for You?

Neither procedure is inherently better than the other. The best way to decide whether eyelid surgery or a brow lift is better for you is to focus on the results you want for yourself and schedule a consultation with a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon. During your consultation, your facial cosmetic surgeon will examine your saggy eye skin and recommend the best treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

If your concerns relate to your eyelids and the lines and puffiness around your eyes, then eyelid surgery may best meet your needs. If, however, your concern is how low your brows sit over your eyes and how this impacts your overall look, a brow lift may be best.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to selecting one or the other. If you have multiple concerns around the eyes and brows, you might benefit from getting both procedures done at the same time.

To discuss your options and select the surgery to treat your saggy eye skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pugao. Call our Las Cruces, NM office today at 575-521-7111 or reach out via our contact page.

Do You Need a Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery for Saggy Eyelids?
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Do You Need a Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery for Saggy Eyelids?
Is a brow lift or eyelid surgery best for saggy eye skin? Dr. Reo Pugao of Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces, NM offers some perspective.
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