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A Super Fast Look at Your Liposuction Recovery Timeline

Posted on September 11, 2019

Woman with long blonde hair lounging on an off-white couch.If you’ve made the decision to have liposuction, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to recovery. While the recovery period is different for every patient, this liposuction recovery timeline can help give you an idea of what to expect after lipo.

Post-Liposuction Week 1

The first week after your liposuction procedure is likely to be the most uncomfortable. You will probably experience slight pain and soreness, though this pain is typically manageable with prescribed pain medications. Your activity levels will be low, especially for the first few days. You may want to have someone that can help around the house with daily tasks, such as making dinner. Compression garments should be worn to help reduce the swelling that typically occurs after liposuction.

Post-Liposuction Weeks 2 to 4

At this point in your liposuction recovery, you may notice that swelling is beginning to go down and bruising is starting to fade. During this time, you may begin to resume your regular daily activities if you feel up for them. By week three, you may even be able to get back to light exercise provided Dr. Martin has given you the go ahead. If you experience discomfort during increased activity, reduce your activity level.

As stated earlier, everyone heals differently, so how quickly you recover will depend on various factors including the extent of the procedure, whether it was combined with other procedures and your body’s own healing response.

Post-Liposuction After Week 4

By a month after your liposuction procedure, the majority of bruising and swelling should have diminished and you should begin to see the results of your new body contours. Keep in mind that minimal swelling can continue for 3 months or more. Most patients are able to perform regular daily activities by this time.


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A Super Fast Look at Your Liposuction Recovery Timeline
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A Super Fast Look at Your Liposuction Recovery Timeline
Dr. Scot A. Martin from Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces, New Mexico offers this liposuction recovery timeline and discusses what to expect after lipo.
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