3 Signs It’s the Perfect Time for Breast Implants

Posted on December 13, 2016

Having breast augmentation is a highly personal decision, so only you and your cosmetic surgeon can decide when the truly best time for breast implants may be. However, there are some indicators that may tell you it’s better to have your procedure done now, or save it for a little later.

Whether it’s making sure your body is ready for summer swimwear or planning your procedure around your vacation days, the best time for your breast augmentation will vary according to your wishes and circumstances.

Here are 3 reasons that may help you determine the best time for breast implants:

1. It’s Fall or Winter

If you’re looking for the best time of year for breast implants, then you may want to consider getting yours during the cooler months. Scheduling your procedure during the fall or winter will give your body time to heal and your results time to fully develop well before bikini season.

2. You’re Done Nursing

If you’ve recently given birth, then you may want to hold off on having your breast augmentation until after you’ve weaned your child and you’ve lost the baby weight. Many plastic surgeons say the best time for breast implants after pregnancy is between 3 and 6 months post-weaning.

3. You Recently Lost a Lot of Weight

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your health, particularly if you’re overweight or obese. However, in many cases, losing a great deal of weight can alter the shape of your breasts, making post-weight loss a great time to consider getting breast implants.


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