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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Losing Weight after a Tummy Tuck

Posted on April 11, 2019

Man and woman jogging near a body of water.opens IMAGE file A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is used to address excess fat and skin around the stomach as well as weakened or separated muscles in the abdomen that result from pregnancy, weight changes or aging. Despite the many benefits of what a tummy tuck can do for you, it’s important to follow a few simple health and wellness rules to aid and prolong your tummy tuck results.

Focus on a Lifestyle Change Instead of a Diet

Before having tummy tuck surgery, you may be asked to exercise and eat healthy in order to obtain a certain weight deemed safe for surgery. Continuing these good habits, along with getting the proper amount of sleep each night and living a low-stress lifestyle,