Our Staff

Here’s more information on our talented team of staff members.

Lisa Melone

LisaMeloneLisa is our office manager. You will be seeing Lisa during consults, pre-operative and follow up appointments. She will be scheduling your surgeries and working closely with you up until your surgery day. She has been working with Dr. Martin for over 10 years.

Marla Richey, ST

MarlaRicheyMarla is Dr. Martin’s scrub technician and patient coordinator. You will see Marla on office days during consults, pre-ops and follow up appointments. She is also in the OR assisting Dr. Martin during surgery, although most may not remember seeing her there. She has been working with Dr. Martin for over a decade, she is his right hand wo-man.

Sheree Wright, R.N.

ShereeWrightSheree is your OR circulating nurse and surgical scrub nurse. You may also see her first thing in the morning getting you checked in and ready for surgery on surgery days.

Gina Moya, R.N.

GinaMoyaGina is your pre-operative and recovery nurse. She will see you through the very beginning of surgery until the time you are going home.
Gina has been a nurse since 2002. She has experience as a trauma nurse and also worked in the Emergency Room for many years. Gina’s experience and knowledge at this surgical office is astounding.

Laryssa Foote

LaryssaFooteLaryssa is your front office patient coordinator. You will hear her awesome bubbly voice while making your appointments and taking your general information. She will also be handling your pre-operative paperwork. She truly does it all when it comes to making sure the office runs smoothly.

Tasha Harty

TashaHartyTasha is our front office receptionist. She will be on the other end of your phone calls taking your initial information, scheduling your appointments and helping you start your surgical journey.

Paul Baker

PaulBakerPaul is your CRNA or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Paul was born and raised in Alamogordo, NM, but spent most of his adult years in Kentucky. If you hear a southern drawl that’s why! He has close to 40 years of experience in the OR with 26 years of it administering anesthesia. He is wonderful at his job, anyone coming to visit is in good hands with Paul.